Edible Art: McCormick and Schmick's

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Where: McCormick and Schmick's at Easton - a West-Coast-based prime seafood restaurant chain captained by a real-deal chef

What: The Chocolate Bag

Artistic kinship: The humorously re-scaled, re-contextualized and re-materialized sculptural art of Claes Oldenburg

The irony of chewing on a chocolate shopping bag in a restaurant anchoring a major shopping mall is nearly as delicious as the bag itself. About that "bag" - it's a delightfully believable and delicious sculpture made out of excellent dark chocolate.

The amusing rectangular-shouldered toter - which has convincing crinkles and folds in all the right places - comes crammed with a fruity, almost moussy mass topped with a profusion of fresh mixed berries and whipped cream.

While visually and conceptually a bagload of fun, it is serious eating. A hacksaw-like steak knife is brought out to help carve it into manageable chunks of chocolate love.