Edible Art: The Refectory

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Where: The Refectory Restaurant and Bistro - an elegant, romantic and authentically French restaurant on Bethel Road

What: Tribute

Artistic kinship: Elvis Presley and the biomorphic canvasses of Joan Miro

This amusing stunner of a pure genius dessert is a tribute to the King of Rock 'n' Roll. See, Elvis famously indulged in peanut-butter-and-banana sandwiches as well as PB&Js with bacon. Well this colorful and playful plate brilliantly unites all of those junky flavors, but they're reworked into something sumptuous, refined and luxurious that also manages to visually recall Miro's fanciful art.

The big E's love of sandwiches is echoed in a squat, three-tiered column made with a crisp bittersweet chocolate shortbread base layered with an intense, airy peanut butter mousse that's topped with a light, milk chocolate Bavarian. Wow.

But that's not al. Crowning that short tower are a chewy chocolate quill (the King's scepter? His writing pen?) and pristine raspberries that are "jellified" nearby into what amounts to a coulis shadow.

Opposite this is an exactly-like-the-fruit smooth banana sorbet nestled above a crunchy scattering of mildly piggy-tasting "bacon streusel." Love me tender, indeed.