Local eating: Latitude 41

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Columbus Alive

Located in the posh Renaissance Downtown, the stylish yet casual Latitude 41 has been raising the bar on local hotel restaurants for years. From its innovative menu, there's lots of winkingly reimagined old favorites - wings get a sweet Korean chili sauce or the confit treatment and mac and cheese gets truffles and lobster. On top of that, Lat 41 offers actually affordable tasting menus, too (like four courses for $30 or six for $45).

The goods: Like several of the restaurants I contacted, Latitude 41 was concerned I gave props to Wayward Seed Farms (Marysville), which has been working closely with local chefs for a long while, but is currently experiencing weather-related difficulties.

Otherwise, Lat 41 listed corn, peas, radishes, strawberries, Brussels sprouts and tomatoes from Rhodes Farm and Hirsch Farms (Ross County); plus lots of produce from Chef's Garden in Huron and the Greener Grocer in the North Market.

Lat 41 also buys meats from North Market Poultry and Game and their market-mates at Bluescreek Farm.

Eat this: Elegant Warm Spinach or Pear salads and a Speckled Hen chicken entree with crispy skin, juicy meat and terrific grilled radicchio.

Latitude 41

50 N. Third St., Downtown


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