Lucky $13: BonoToGo

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

A Bono pizza, $10

Here are a few reasons why Bono's pizzas are some of the best this city has ever seen: uncompromising ingredients; authentic Italian techniques learned in Italy; and a wood-burning, handmade oven that cooks pizzas at 1600 (or more) degrees.

Bono, which reopened in November in the back of a Grandview carryout, is a truly quirky operation and I like every pie here I've ever tried. But one of its newer models, the sauce-less Carbonara, is a current fave.

Atop Bono's unique crust - delicate and wispy in the middle and puffy, charred and woodsy-smoke scented on the edges - is a creamy melange of melted fresh mozzarella, mildly pungent gorgonzola, scallions and clumps of peppered Smithfield ham/bacon "caramelized for three hours with a ton of onions."

Note: as with all of Bono's peerless creations, this sweet and salty marvel is best eaten immediately due to its lovely but fragile crust.


1717 Northwest Blvd., Grandview