Lucky $13: The city's best cheap eats

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

When I was thinking about writing an article for this Alive's Ultimate Restaurant Guide, it occurred to me that the issue functions quite like a school yearbook. Riding further on that journalistic metaphor, I decided we needed an honor roll.

But this time, I wanted to do something a little different. That meant something other than rounding up a list of the already famous and expensive thoroughbreds we all know, love and indulge in when we can afford them.

Speaking of afford, I decided to go cheap. And since I like both symmetry and slightly off-kilter, this led me to select a dozen top-shelf, but off-the-eatin'-path, noshes that cost a dozen dollars (or less).

Expanding on this theme of value, I thought, why not go for a baker's dozen and throw in an extra dish and an extra dollar? Here, then, is your Lucky 13. Eat 'em up, Columbus.