Lucky $13: Shish Kebab Express

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Turkish Gyro Sandwich, $6

You don't have to be Greek to love a regulation gyro - just drunk. Because sure, the things might taste great, but too often they're assembled with meat having a dubious provenance slapped with a suspect sauce and then thrown onto a pita also from parts unknown. Well, there's a new place on the OSU campus that's now making handmade gyros that can stand a sober, light-of-day close inspection.

Shish Kebab Express in the South Campus Gateway is a spinoff from the excellent, full-service, similarly named restaurant on Bethel Road, and its gyro is outstanding. First of all, it comes on crusty, warm and terrific housemade Turkish bread and second of all, its homemade, seared and spun meat roll helps take the mystery out of the mystery-meat gyro - this thing actually tastes like delightfully seasoned real lamb. Full-throttle, rich tahini and tart tzatziki sauces are also available, if you're so inclined (be inclined).

Shish Kebab Express

14 E. 11th Ave., Campus