Lucky $13: Skillet Rustic Urban Food

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Porchette sandwich, $9

Skillet in Merion Village is more rousing proof that creative and inspired food isn't limited to the kitchens or price tags of fancy restaurants. Almost anything on the tiny Skillet's brilliant little menu could be honored on this list, but its mind-blowing Porchette sandwich was my first love here, and I still get thrilled when I eat it.

A crisply toasted ciabatta roll gets layered with hulking, warm slabs of succulent pork meat literally dripping with deep, deep flavors derived from a long and slow-roasting with Italian-appropriate herbs, garlic and wild fennel pollen.

It's a bit of a mess, but forget the napkins - you'll want to ravenously lick your glistening and fragrant fingers 'til they're completely clean (just don't do it if I'm in there, 'cause I don't want to see that!)


410 E. Whittier St., Merion Village