Lucky $13: Thai Grille

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Black Sticky Rice with Mango, $5

Thai Grille in Westerville is my new favorite Thai restaurant. It's the result of focused and potent Thai cooking seamlessly meshing with the buy fresh, local and organic movements. Everything's top-notch and even desserts are far from afterthoughts. Relatedly, the authentic Black Sticky Rice with Mango ($5) is an incredibly comforting - and not icky sweet - end to a meal here.

As visually stunning as it is wonderful to eat, it arranges two mounds of eye-catching black rice (it actually grows that way) above juicy planks of thinly sliced mango and the whole shebang gets anointed in thick, slightly sweetened coconut milk. It looks like ultra modern art from an ancient culture, but it'll make your present tense ephemerally blissful.

Thai Grille

15 E. College Ave., Westerville