Lucky $13: Third and Hollywood

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Guacamole and Pimiento Dip, $9

Third & Hollywood is the Northstar family's newish upscale sibling and it prepares some pretty terrific food. If most of 3&H's sourced and humanely raised ingredients emerge from its consistent and accomplished open kitchen with a high-side, double-digit price tag, one exception to that rule is a scrumptious chip and dip combo I get almost every time I go - Guacamole and Pimiento Cheese.

If you think those spreads sound mundane, then you ain't had them done Hollywood-style. The untraditional, super-chunky, made-to-order guac is bright with lime, dotted with bites of cilantro, corn, onion, jalapeno and bell peppers and arousingly rich and thick.

And yet I might like the homemade cheese dip even better. Whipped up with chopped red peppers, top-quality gouda, parmesan and cheddar, it's smoky and salty, has an enticingly coarse texture and is impossible to stop eating until every freshly fried tortilla chip has been devoured with alacrity.

Third and Hollywood

1433 W. Third Ave., Grandview