Restaurant Review: Black Creek Bistro

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Columbus Alive

Have you been to Black Creek Bistro for lunch recently? I wouldn't doubt that you had, seeing how the eatery has been bustling lately. But if it's been a while since you've pulled a nooner at BCB, I suggest you haul your appetite down there ASAP, because it really seems to be on top of its lunchtime game these days.

Settle in at the handsome, unpretentious restaurant and check out its current batch of smart art - which couldn't be more fitting for this farm-to-plate-oriented place. Right now, hanging on the appropriately green-trimmed white walls are glossy ceramic sculptures depicting layers of soil and rock -most of these pieces sprout actual leaves or even shoot out roots.

With your brain in a properly horticultural frame of mind, turn to the single-page lunch menu. Written with a bit of humor and wit, it's separated into hot comfort food entrees (under the header "Some Like It Hot"), hot and cold sandwiches, plus soups, salads and sides. I sampled something from every menu section and can testify that without exception everything I tried was excellent. And with nothing clocking in over $10, BCB's homemade lunches also present a lot of bang for the buck. Here's a little roundup.

• Chili o ' day ($4 cup/$6 bowl): This changes every few days. When I had it, it was a vegetarian white bean -with lots of red bell peppers, a sneaky heat and laudable depth of layered flavors.

• Bistro Turkey ($9) : Fantastic. Obviously modeled after a great regional sandwich - Louisville's Hot Brown - this open-face masterpiece started with a sturdy and crispy slice of wheat-berry toast rimmed with oats. Piled high atop the bread was a ton of warm, tender, super-juicy, slow-roasted turkey. Smothering all this was a lush, rich and alluring parmesan cheese sauce. Gilding the lily were crispy bacon bits and heaviness-cutting diced tomatoes and chives.

• Ron ' s Jailhouse Chicken Sammy ($10): It's got a feloniously nutty name and a vague, incarceration-laced menu description that doesn't mention any ingredients. Still, the only crime here would be to miss out on this messy but delicious combination.

It's a block of grilled then fried chicken thigh with a crispy crust garnished with the push and pull of creamy goat cheese and vinegary hot sauce. Sandwiches come with a side - I got this one with great handcut fries, and so should you.

• Green Cat ($9): Though resembling a portable salad and listed under cold sandwiches, the melted swiss cheese and toasty wheat-berry bread anchoring this mix of rich guacamole, sweet cole slaw, English cucumbers and farm lettuces made the terrific sandwich seem warm and embracing. Keeping with the green theme, have it with BCB's bistro salad.

Black Creek Bistro

51 Parsons Ave., Olde Towne East