Restaurant Review: Lucky Ladle

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Yeah, that's sort of how I felt when ordering lunch from the Lucky Ladle soup-delivery service on one of our many recent snow days. But even though the snow had started falling by my 12 p.m. delivery time, Ladle-r Shannon Kelley arrived at noon on the dot, with a smile on her face and not one complaint about the weather. I gave her a very generous tip to absolve my guilt.

But Kelley's no stranger to the elements. Before shifting to delivery, Kelley hawked her made-from-scratch soups around town from a cart.

Her new home base is Kickstart, the scooter shop/coffee shop in the Short North. So you can also stop in there to try these soups, and the place is definitely worth a visit for its extensive menu of tasty and creative lattes.

Convenience is a big part of Lucky Ladle's appeal, but it's not the only draw. Many of Kelley's homemade soups are vegan or vegetarian - there's a vegan option served every day, plus one made with dairy and one with meat. A few of the options include lentil, Moroccan harira and homemade chicken noodle.

You can also order small savory pastries, like ham-and-Swiss and spinach-and-potato.

Bowl of soup & savory pastry, $7

The best thing about ordering soup from Lucky Ladle is the fun, childhood-lunch-type packaging it comes in.

Inside a brown paper bag with my name scrawled on the outside was a Styrofoam container of soup, a little bag of oyster crackers, wax paper pouches with the pastry and an oatmeal-and-raisin cookie, and a tiny cup of sour cream (I used it for pastry-dipping, but you could also plop some in your soup).

As our thoroughly charmed photographer Jodi put it, "You get to open a bunch of presents!"

After trying several varieties, I prefer the hearty bean soups and chilis over the slightly anemic broccoli-cheddar (though it does get points for having nice chunks of real broccoli).

The soup's what I'd call delivery-food warm, meaning it's fine if you dig in right away but may benefit from a quick spin in the microwave if you don't eat it immediately

My ham-and-Swiss pastry was delicious, a puffy tartlet filled with cubed ham and melted Swiss. It's a perfectly sized accompaniment to a hot bowl of soup.

Broccoli Cheddar soup & Ham-and-Swiss Pastry, $7

Tip: $3

Total: $10

Lucky Ladle