Restaurant Review: Rad Dog

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Luna Burgers are a line of tasty veggie burgers lovingly handcrafted by Megan and Barbie Luna right here in Columbus.

At Rad Dog, a fun little vegan food cart helmed by the congenial Tawd Bell, they're served on a Brezel pretzel roll. Brezel is another locally owned company that specializes in Bavarian-style pretzels hand-rolled by owners Maria Gentile and Brittany Baum.

In other words, the Luna Burger on Brezel bun combo is a marriage made in indie entrepreneur heaven. And it's also well worth seeking out (the Rad Dog cart is parked near the corner of High and Broad streets Downtown most afternoons, and also shows up at lots of festivals).

As I was chowing one down in the office recently, a co-worker asked if the Luna burgers taste like "real" beef burgers. They don't, but that's a plus for me. It's a turnoff when fake meat products try too hard to look and feel like real meat products - taste is usually what's sacrificed.

Instead, the Lunas are refreshingly vegetable flavored. Rad Dog serves The Classic, a patty made of spelt berries and black beans given some depth with beets and rosemary.

I ordered mine with salsa, which complemented those veggie flavors perfectly, and with some Daiya cheese, a heavily hyped new vegan product made from tapioca that actually melts like regular cheese.

And it's served on my new very favorite pretzel roll, which is saying a lot, because I upgrade to a pretzel roll whenever it's an option. The Brezel roll is nice and chewy, and substantial enough to stand up to a juicy burger. At Rad Dog, they're quickly griddled with a bit of butter.

It actually tastes like a soft pretzel, which isn't always the case. The slightly sweet, slightly salty taste added another layer to the Luna Burger experience and elevated this particular combo into one of the best burgers in the city.

Luna Burger on Brezel roll: $5

Blue Sky soda: $1

Tip: $1

Total: $7

Rad Dog

Location varies