Spicy foods: One Night in Bangkok at Jeni's

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One Night in Bangkok won't seem like enough after one taste of this crazy great sundae ($6). No, you'll want to spend a whole weekend with this sweet and mildly hot masterpiece. Kinda like a pad Thai banana split (leave it to Jeni to enlighten us with what constitutes a brilliant dessert), its base is a rich Bangkok peanut ice cream - peanut butter and toasted coconut with a spark of cayenne pepper on the back end.

The scoops are garnished with a great caramel sauce, fluffy whipped cream and Spanish peanuts. Of course there's the banana, but also a sprig of cilantro, a cherry on top (the fuse for this very gently burning bomb) and a super cute fortune cookie cleverly fashioned out of waffle cone stuff. The sundae's never-searing, only nudging heat grows as you keep on eating -and believe me, you will keep on eating.

Heat factor: 1.5 out of 4

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