Decor: Rustic and random

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Candice Putter and Nathan Reynolds agree: The knick-knacks from childhood, assorted animal antlers and mid-century modern furniture they've collected to decorate their Beechwold-area apartment wouldn't suit just any home.

But it all seems perfect for their wood-panel-covered apartment.

"It's all knotty pine," Putter said. "It's so wild. It's kind of like a cabin."

Old family photos are displayed prominently around the house - including some random finds that feature complete strangers. A tarnished, gold-tinted portrait of a sheepdog hangs on the living room wall. Putter found it at the Victorian Village Yard Sale.

"Is 'eclectic' too cliche?" Putter said when asked to describe the aesthetic. "Nothing here is based off of anything. It's just our style."

A gun rack supporting Reynolds' swords - by far the most noticeable thing in the kitchen - hangs over a marble-covered table. Succulent plants line the shelf and ledge by the window. "It makes me feel like I'm back in Texas," said Putter, speaking of the state where she was born.

Reynolds' basement music studio looks like a Bedouin tent. Reynolds said the strings of lights and fabric-covered enclosure help him feel inspired.

A square shelving unit houses the couple's record collection. Two salt rocks, lit from within, sit among the vinyl.

The blue couch is a vintage piece found years ago at Goodwill for $14. Picking out furniture is all about compromise, Putter said. "If one of us really, really likes it, the other one usually gives in. He doesn't like things to be overly girly, but I feel like there's a mixture of feminine things versus masculine things in here."

The living room's focal point is a series of shadowboxes mounted on the wall. The boxes hold porcelain owl figurines, a retro camera with giant flash, a pair of chicken feet and Abraham Lincoln memorabilia, along with many other small objects. "My birthday is the same day as Abraham Lincoln, and so I collect things that are Abraham Lincoln," Putter said.

Who: Candice Putter, jewelry designer and freelance merchandiser; Nathan Reynolds, bartender at Surly Girl

Ages: 30 and 32, respectively

Neighborhood: Beechwold