Fashion: Cufflinks

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Sure, French cuff shirts can be closed with your average metal block or circle cufflink, but why be ordinary?

In our search for unique takes on this subtle menswear accessory, we found cufflinks with everything from tiny Nintendo game cartridges to Darth Vader helmets to mini iPhones to paper clips to sports mascots. In terms of adding personality to a uniform style, these guys are like the mullets of formal wear.

Tip: When wearing cufflinks, be sure the decorative side faces out when your arms are to the side. No need to hide this party in the back.

Guitar knobs, $30

They don't go up to 11, but they do turn. The line also sells tiny tire-rim cufflinks that spin.

Compass rose, $119

These bezel-set map markers in sterling silver point the way to class and quality.

Glass ants, $35

Spruce up those cuffs one by one. Hurrah. Hurrah.

Steampunk vintage , $ 40

Get lost in the detail of these antique watch movement cufflinks.

Antique maps of Columbus, $30

Also available are personalized cufflinks made with a photo provided by the customer.

Metal art, $80

Artist Mark Needham's sculptural takes on this accessory are available at the Hayley Gallery in New Albany.

LEGO man, $1 8

LEGO the formalities.