Spring beauty trends 2011

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Columbus Alive

The smoky eye has cleared. Bright days are here again. Plus, spring brings new friends for your skin and hair.


"Three major things you'll see this spring are orange, green and purple," said Mukha Custom Cosmetics & Medi-Spa owner Tim Maurer as he blended a custom lipstick.

The trio of colors' popularity is a direct effect of smoky eye fatigue. That look's dominance has come to an end, Maurer said. ("Finally!")

The Short North spa recently unveiled its spring, garden-themed makeup line of lip glosses ($22), eye shadows ($19) and blushes ($23) inspired by these three colors.

Lips will also be the center of attention this spring, Maurer said, with bold pops of color echoing the budding foliage. Try a customized pink or red.

Shadow in Juniper, $19

Shadow in Baccara, $19

Lipstick, $20


Barrettes and hair combs are the new headbands. Adorn your crown or hold back your braids (which are also big this season) with these accessories, which were all over the Cynthia Rowley and Carolina Herrera spring runways. Find cute clips by designers or more affordable brands such as Icing by Claire's.

Turquoise French clip

Icing, $6.50

Love birds comb

Icing, $6.50


A healthy dose of color is always in style, but leave the baking-in-the-sun look to Snooki.

Lush, a vegan and vegetarian body product store in Macy's at Tuttle Crossing, sells a Black Stockings heart-shaped lotion bar designed to replace panty hose and provide a sun-kissed glow without the UV rays.

Rub the bar on your skin and the lotion will even the skin's color tone and add a sophisticated shine to your gams. Black Stockings is best for darker skin shades, but there's a lighter version called Silk Stockings for those with a fair complexion.

Black Stocking solid lotion bar

Lush, $10