Taste Test: Chocolate bunnies

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I love my job. A taste test of chocolate bunnies? No problem, boss!

I marched around town to find the best-tasting and most visually appealing bunnies. Because let's be honest: Looks matter.

Drugstore offerings didn't deserve much consideration in this contest. They tend to be hollow and undecorated or contain unappealing ingredients such as vegetable oil. Meanwhile, several local businesses sell fresh, Ohio-made chocolates, and their solid rabbits are much more fun than a bunny full of air.

Anthony-Thomas Candy Co., Graeter's, and North Market-based Pure Imagination Chocolatier make both milk chocolate and dark chocolate bunnies, and Schmidt's Fudge Haus sells several different milk chocolate rabbits.

I found that the bunnies from Anthony-Thomas, Graeter's and Schmidt's ($2-$12, depending on the size) were all made from first-rate chocolate that's smooth and flavorful, so the decision between the three boiled down to appearance.

Anthony-Thomas' floppy-eared little guy earned my Cutest Bunny Award. His innocent little face looked up at me, asking timidly, "What are you going to do to me?" Naturally, gnawing off his ears was especially pleasurable.

In the flavor department, nothing topped Pure Imagination ($6-$12). The milk chocolate creates the involuntary closing-your-eyes-in-utter-bliss reaction: It's sweeter than the norm and unusually smooth. And the not-bitter dark chocolate was so rich that it could easily be used to make truffles. I just wish the bunnies' eyes were a little less creepy.