Beauty: Spring clean your beauty routine

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I always enter spring with twice the number of beauty products I had when winter started. I blame the weather; shopping the makeup counter when it's zero degrees outside is much less painful than removing a zillion layers in a dressing room.

As the ritual of spring cleaning begins, I always head to my makeup bag and beauty cabinet first. Here are three themes to remember when making room for next winter's binge.


If you have multiple bottles of something, whittle your stash down to one. And be honest with yourself about whether you'll wear that hot pink glitter eyeliner.

The Food and Drug Administration recommends trashing eye makeup two to four months after opening. Most beauty products will also include an expiration date. Be sure to check the date on products only used this time of year, such as sunscreen or tanning oils.

Makeup that's been in a humid atmosphere such as a hot car or a steamy bathroom is more prone to growing bacteria, so eliminate those from your beauty lineup as well.


Before you chuck the makeup or lotion, see if the bottles can be recycled. Some companies reward customers who do.

MAC Cosmetics' program Back to Mac will take six empty containers of anything from the brand in exchange for a free lipstick. Lush Cosmetics recycles all of the company's packaging and gives a free face mask to customers who bring back five empty pots of its products.

Think before you trash nonrecyclable items. De-gunk a mascara wand in warm water and use it as an eyebrow brush, and clean eyelash curlers and tweezers with a swab of rubbing alcohol and a water rinse instead of buying new ones.


Try re-stocking with multi-use items that cut the clutter. One of Goody's Spin Pin accessories, for example, will do the work of 20 bobby pins. Or check out Mark, the trendy makeup brand from Avon. It sells a line called "hook ups" that let you select two different products - lip gloss, eye-shadow brushes, eyeliner - that connect to create one stick.