Kitchen realities: Vicki Hink of The Angry Baker

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Columbus Alive

What sorts of responsibilities do you have as a restaurant owner that people might not really think about?

You have to take every little detail into consideration - more than just the food: the customer service, the look and feel of the place. A lot of the restaurant owners [on "Kitchen Nightmares"] go into it thinking, "I want to open a restaurant. That sounds fun." People don't understand the hours, the time it actually takes to pull it off. Here, it's pretty much a 24-hour operation. There's always someone here baking, always cleaning or getting things ready for the next day.

Walk me through one of your days here.

We get here around 4 o'clock in the morning. The first three or four hours of the day is getting everything baked and ready to fill up the cases, and getting food ready for breakfast and lunch. So you're getting food prepped for that, and as soon as we open, it's usually nonstop. It's helping customers, making food, taking orders.

We're usually here until late into the night. Once we close up and everyone's gone, we're still here getting ready for the next day. We do wholesale bread for a lot of restaurants in town, so it's getting the dough ready to be baked the next day. It's prepping the food we need for our sandwiches, baking cakes.

Are there any good baking shows on TV?

Even on "The Food Network," there aren't that many good shows just directed toward baking.

If you could create your own show, what would you do?

I would have people in [The Angry Baker] filming because it's so crazy. (Laughs) We're always doing some many different things. There would be a lot to watch.

What do you consider to be the least glamorous aspect of your job?

It's not all making fun pretty things. There's the actual prep work. You might have to sit there and peel apples for an hour to make 50 pies for an order. The cleaning is a lot, too - the dishes and keeping the floors clean. Especially here; it's so open that you can't make a mess.

Vicki Hink

Age: 24

Title: Owner/chef, The Angry Baker

Hometown: Salem

Neighborhood: Olde Towne East