Shopping: Home on High

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

T. David Collection, an antique home decor store, nested in German Village for almost six years before uprooting and moving to the Short North this March.

It became the newest in a string of shops selling home goods in the arts district, four of which hadn't yet made it to their one-year anniversary in the neighborhood.

Despite the saturation of stores selling items similar to T. David Collection, owner Tom Crumley said the power in numbers outweighed the pitfalls of competition next door.

"I think the more the merrier, basically, with shopping," he said. "This kind of competition, if you can even call it that, is the healthy kind. More places give people more choices. I have seen an increase [in foot traffic] in the less than two months I've been in the Short North."

Fourteen of the home decor stores in the area hope to bank on their closeness with the new Home on High initiative. They will promote one another, offer events together and host new Sunday hours so shoppers can bounce around from place to place on a day when parking is free.

Tim Friar, owner of Grid Furnishings and the man spearheading the project, said the Short North has the potential to become the SoHo of the Midwest, a home decor shopping destination for out-of-towners and people in Central Ohio who think malls are the only places for shopping excursions.

"Some people from New Albany or Upper Arlington have never been down here," Friar said. "I think the people who know about [the Short North] assume everyone knows about it."

Home on High hopes to spread the good shopping word and attract new customers while still appealing to the young crowds hitting the Hops and fashion boutiques by offering a range of styles and prices.

We asked the Home on High shop owners to play show-and-tell with products from their stores. They obliged. Check out a slideshow of photos from more of the shops and for more information about the project.