Taste Test: Sugardaddy's Brownie Sundae

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If you find yourself in need of an emergency sugar-infused pick-me-up to get you through an especially tough work day - don't worry, we've all been there - Sugardaddy's Downtown location is your best bet.

The Gay Street location of the two-shop chain (the original store is in Polaris) just celebrated its one-year anniversary of selling super-luxe desserts to the Downtown office-worker crowd.

Sugardaddy's has gotten national attention from the "Today" show and The Food Network for its gift-worthy brownies, dense hockey-puck-shaped desserts in brunette and blondie varieties.

Sixteen different flavors are available, ranging from the simple chocolate-and-walnut Auburn Original to the Tahiti, which combines white chocolate chunks with cashews, coconut and pineapple. Each is a little work of art, studded with nuts or drizzled in berry sauce curlicues and packaged in a gift bag complete with satin ribbon.

To mark its birthday, Sugardaddy's has added a new treat at their Downtown location: brownie sundaes. This, I had to try.

The brownies themselves are plenty decadent, so adding a scoop of Johnson's ice cream and some hot fudge sauce seemed borderline ridiculous.

Factor in the 16 brownie flavors, the choice of chocolate or vanilla ice cream, and hot fudge or caramel sauce, and there are more than 100 possible combinations.

I chose the caramel brownie, which is a pecan-flecked chocolate number filled with a thick layer of chewy caramel, and topped it with chocolate ice cream and Johnson's caramel sauce. When owner Mark Ballard suggested I add some hot fudge, too, I didn't hesitate. When you're going to splurge, really splurge.

And it was amazing: rich, with plenty of flavors and textures to keep taste buds engaged. My only suggestion would be to heat the brownie before topping it with ice cream - though admittedly that would speed up the melting process.

This dessert is definitely worth the $5 price tag, especially when you consider that the brownie itself costs three bucks. But I must admit I started losing steam about halfway through.

My recommendation: Work up the courage to invite your crush to Sugardaddy's to share a brownie sundae. You'll thank me later.

Shel ley Mann is editor of Crave, Columbus' new dining magazine. Keep up with her at columbuscrave.com.

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