CCAD Fashion Show: Diana Velika Banas

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"Art," says Diana Velika Banas, "is the only thing I ever really felt I did a good job on."

This senior has been reconstructing clothes for as long as she can remember. Music has also been a constant in her life. She adores bands like Operation Ivy, The Ramones and The Clash.

Her love of Vivienne Westwood, however, was something that didn't happen until she got to college.

"Discovering that there was a music scene fashion designer," she remembered, "was such a revelation to me."

Drawing inspiration from a master and a look that are so recognizable was difficult. She worked hard to avoid "a cheap rip-off."

To do that, Velika Banas focused on the conceptual elements of her collection. Instead of leather, the vegan used old automotive vinyl. She made her own fabric by painting it or quilting together thrift store flannel cutouts.

Things "with a little sparkle, sparkle" also attract Velika Banas, who admires the outfits worn by Britney Spears and characters on "Weeds" and "Glee." She hopes to be a costume designer for musicians and television shows.

She's well on her way; this summer Velika Banas is interning as a costume designer at a California theater.

Vivienne Westwood (1970s)

Westwood is the fairy godmother of punk rock fashion. She elbowed her way onto the world stage dressed in safety-pinned tartan fabric, waving a wand of spikes and black leather.

Her clothes were inspired by those living on the underbelly of proper society and hippie culture - rebels, prostitutes, rockers - and became famous when a raucous new band called the Sex Pistols started wearing her shredded sartorial statements.

Diana Velika Banas

Age: 23

Hometown: Columbus

Master designer: Vivienne Westwood