A splash of color

Kristy Eckert

Lisa Bachmann used to have color phobia.

Her last house was decorated in whites and creams. And when she and her family moved into their current digs, they stuck with a similar palette.

Two years in, though, she started looking around their spacious Tartan Fields ranch-it boasts 12-foot ceilings throughout-and thought something was missing. So the Big Lots executive bought half a dozen shades of terra cotta paint and started testing them in the foyer.

Soon, she moved on to the kitchen. Then the living room.

"She's gone through lots of colors," said her husband, Bruce, an investor and consultant.

"It has become," Lisa said, "a bit of a passion." (She also combines her corporate passion into the dcor; a handful of pieces from Big Lots populate the home.)

The team at Patina Interiors in Powell helped put together the home's overall look. "It's a little more transitional, which is traditional with a more contemporary flair," said Patina owner Dee Conrad. While the colors aren't necessarily bold, she said, they-along with textured paints and window treatments-really warmed the home.

And though he gives his wife a jokingly hard time about her newfound romance with color, even Bruce admits to enjoying it.

"It's more uplifting being in the colored house," he said. "If it's gray outside, and gray indoors... I don't know, it affects your mood!"

Lisa hopes her home does affect moods-in the best of ways.

"I want it to be inviting and comfortable," she said. "I think it's that simple."

Click for a slideshow of the home.