What's in your closet? Tish Miller

Brittany Kress, Columbus Alive

Who: Tish Miller

What: Owner, Align wardrobe services; part-time staffer at Rowe Boutique

Where: Photographed in her bedroom closet

How do you describe your style?

It's easygoing, but I like to dress up. I like basics, and then you add a great pair of shoes and some accessories - and you're done. And a great jacket in the winter. I think you can make a whole outfit by what you put with it.

I call it "classic tomboy vs. California hippie."

What are your fashion obsessions?

Most girls are bag girls. I'm not. I'm a shoe girl. Shoes and accessories and jackets.

We just redid the closet about a year ago, and I've always wanted a wall of shoes. And so I designed it.

What's yourclosetmakeoverbusiness like?

I love a well-edited, organized closet. And so I do closet organizing, personal shopping, editing closets.

When I'm done, it gives me a lot of satisfaction. Along the way, I suggest things I would add to their wardrobe, like a little leather jacket or some scarves.

What advice do you have about cleaning out a closet?

I always tell people to have three bins: a "donate" bin, a "consign" or eBay bin, and a "store" bin. Any designer clothes or bags or basic pieces in good shape, you should keep. Especially if you have a daughter.

Where do you like to shop?

I love Rowe and Zara. And I do a lot of online shopping, like on Shopbop and Asos. And if I'm in the mood, it's really fun to go to an H&M or Forever 21 and find something. I like to mix the high and low. It makes your outfits unique. Fashion is kind of my art.

Tish's favorites

Necklace from Collier West

It has a really cool story. The lady [who made it] is a mom who decided that while she sat in the bleachers at her kids' games, she was going to start making jewelry. I just kind of love the steer head on it. I wear it with everything.

Schutz leopard-print peep-toes and Ash wedge booties

I love the look of an ankle boot with a dress. I feel like this fall, it's going to be everywhere. I just think that's a good little style.

Ever leather jacket

This is my fave. I got it at the Ever boutique in California, and it's just a cool, green biker jacket. Need I say more?

Photos by Joe Maiorana