Back to cool: At the gym

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive

Good fitness wear must work double duty and be both fashionable and effectual. Lady gym rats, be on the lookout for retro references in cut and material, like Umbro-style patterns and mesh detailing on shorts so short Larry Bird would be proud. Loud patterns are pumping up outerwear, and anyone working up a sweat will benefit from clothes made of soft and flexible moisture-wicking materials. Get ready to shake your six pack, sister.

Champion Duo Dry Jacket, $28


This jacket would be great for both the trip to the gym and while working out, thanks to the lightweight Duo Dry material that stretches with movement but retains its tight shape. That material also speeds up evaporation helping keep you cool. The pretty ruching on the cuffs and collar are visual extras.

Champion Duo Dry Shorts, $15


Once reserved for Richard Simmons and cheerleaders, dolphin-style shorts have been saved from their exuberant clutches. Relax about potential flashing; there's a set of briefs sewn into the shorts. Pair some knee-high soccer socks with these shorties for a preppy (and warm) look.

Bobble water bottle, $15


That filter inside the Bobble removes contaminants from tap water as you rehydrate.

Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Pro, $60

Apple stores

These buds promise to never fall out, even when you're sweating. The covers are comfortable and made of medical-grade silicone. A dry microphone control system also lets certain Apple devices control music navigation and phone calls through the earphones.

Lululemon slipless headband, $12

Lululemon Athletica

Do reps without worrying about flyaways. These headbands look great with a workout-ready braid.

TerraCycle backpack, $24

Complete the throwback theme with a duffle bag (we love American Apparel's line of the retro look in different patterns and colors), or help the environment as you help yourself by packing gear in one of TerraCycle's recycled backpacks or totes. Bonus: Sweaty smells won't linger on the plastic material like they can on cloth.

Photo by Jodi Miller

Mini-soundtrack for pumping iron

Lo-Pan, "El Dorado" - The rumbling rhythm section and Jeff Martin's searing vocals will start your workout right

Times New Viking, "F--- Her Tears" - Speedy art-punk to pump up the cardio and combat your attempts at wussing

Lydia Loveless, "Bad Way To Go" - Keep your pulse racing, country style

DJ Self Help, "Cape Cassandra" - Bring the club to the treadmill with Danny Johnson's skittering synth party

Blueprint, "So Alive" - Invigorated post-Gnarls Barkley pop that will leave you feeling, well, so alive -Chris DeVille