Back to cool: Going to class

Heather Gross, Columbus Alive

If you have an early morning class after staying up way too late, it's tempting to roll out of bed at the latest second possible, slip on some old boots over your well-loved PJs and run out the door. But that's just not - excuse the pun - classy.

There are plenty of ways to be just as comfortable in real clothes, though, while still making a good first impression on, say, that cutie a few seats away. By tying together a simple outfit with a bolder accessory, you'll look like a class act. And armed with a trusty travel mug full of caffeine, you won't miss those few extra minutes of sleep.

Tolani Chalet scarf, $90


Tribal prints are going to be big this fall, and this super-soft Tolani scarf channels Native American influences with its zigzag pattern. There's a reason why celebrities keep being photographed in this brand: Its scarves offer a comfy way to look put together without requiring much effort.

Brandy Melville Kiera sweater, $90


An oversized sweater gives you room to be yourself inside it. Choose a loosely knit three-quarter sleeve version - or one with strategically placed holes - for those slightly brisk fall mornings.

James Jeans, Twiggy in Sienna, $165


Colored skinny jeans are a fun and comfy way to show off those legs, and they can easily be worn with flats, heels or boots. This reddish brown pair livens up an outfit without feeling too over-the-top for class.

Room Essentials water bottle, $2

Savor ceramic travel mug, $13


No need to be drowsy or distracted by a parched throat during a lecture. This ceramic mug promises it won't spill a drop of your steaming joe, and the material won't cause a metallic flavor like steel mugs sometimes do. The fake leather grip protects hands from any heat that might escape.

If you've already had enough caffeine for the day, grab a stylish, reusable water bottle. Target sells containers that pay homage to America's major cities, but you'll have to visit Homage in the Short North if you want Columbus-themed drinkware.


Seagull Bags

Why carry the same backpack as 1,000 other people in Columbus when you can use a custom-made bag to lug around all of your stuff? Locally based Seagull Bags lets customers create a bag in whatever color or pattern they desire, and there are several different courier bag and backpack sizes.

Iwako Japanese Erasers, $1 each

Rivet Designer Toy & Art Gallery

Not only are these little guys handy during math and art classes, they can also serve as adorable decorations for your dresser or desk. If sweets aren't your thing, Rivet sells erasers in many other equally attractive shapes.

Mini-soundtrack for hanging out on the weekend:

Way Yes, "Walkability" - No Columbus song says "lazy Saturday afternoon" quite like this

Indigo Wild, "Rowboats" - Whatever you do while listening to Death Cab, do it while listening to Indigo Wild instead

LxE for the Uncool, "Paper Rocket" - One of the year's top "dance around the living room/cruise around the neighborhood" songs

The Black Swans, "Don't Blame the Stars" - For those unexpected moments of existential reflection

The Lindsay, "Some of Your Friends" - College-appropriate social commentary disguised as infectious indie rock -Chris DeVille