Beauty: Seeing red

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Whether going for vintage pin-up girl sex appeal or a pop art glam, red puckers are all the rage this fall. Signal your siren call with any of the countless red lipsticks at drug stores and beauty counters (we love MAC’s Viva Glam line of reds because the entire $14.50 earned from the sale of each tube goes to the MAC AIDS Fund).

Rocking the bold look, however, is a bit trickier. The Columbus makeup artists at Pearls & a Black Dress offered their tips for going red.

What should you look for when purchasing a red hue?

Redheads look best in copper and bronze shades. Women with light hair and pale skin look great in orange-based reds. Olive complexions look amazing in cherry reds. Blackskin can pull off candy-apple red and fuchsia. If you’re not comfortable wearing a red lip color, try a sheer lipstick or a lip gloss first. When in doubt, go for a[calmer] red.

Any tips for avoiding the dreaded lipstick-smudged tooth?

Avoid applying a gloss over the lipstick or slicking on a lip conditioner right before applying the lip color. And try the finger-between-puckered-up-lips trick (when you stick your index finger, lips puckered, in your mouth and pull it out). It gets all the crusty lipstick off the inside of your lips and comes off on your finger.

How do you makethe color last?

Make sure your lips are exfoliated and hydrated in advance. Remove any traces of lip conditioner, apply a lipliner filling in your entire lip, then apply lipcolor.

You can also apply concealer over your entire lip area then apply the lipliner. Once you apply the lip color take a tissue and gently blot your lips. This removes moisture from this layer but still leaves color on your lips.

Next, reapply your lipstick, but do not blot again. Finally, clean up the lip line edges with a little concealer followed by powder applied with a small brush to prevent the lip color from bleeding. Red lip color must be maintained or it will look sloppy.

Photo by Jodi Miller