Fashion Week Wrap-Up

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Photo credit: Kristy's single favorite piece from Fashion Week: This Tadashi Shoji sequin gown ((AP Photo/Richard Drew)

There are impossibly high heels-on men and women both. Clothing combinations so baffling that at one point a colleague said, "I hope she was drunk when she got dressed." And other looks so exquisite that you kind of just stare, awestruck.

Half the fun of New York Fashion Week, where I've spent a chunk of the past seven days, is people watching. Handfuls of photographers, tourists and others actually stand outside Lincoln Center-the show hub-to do just that. Dozens more-celebrities and otherwise-arrive donning meticulously planned outfits, not unhappy to stop and pose.Yet as ridiculous as the scene can occasionally be, I find the collective crew inspiring. The creative energy is exciting, alluring, sexy.

Here, some notes after a few days of stellar people watching:

*Own your look. Whatever your look-classic, edgy, glam, preppy, boho, etc.-know it, style it, and work it. Unapologetically. Perfect example? At the glamorous Elle magazine up-and-coming designers show, Elle's editor-who looked stunning in a white dress and sky-high platform heels-had her junior-high-aged daughter beside her after the show. The adorable young girl looked great, too-wearing, as I recall, rolled-up jeans, a loose striped cotton top and Chuck Taylor sneakers. Obviously, she knows her style and isn't going to be someone she's not, even for a fancy-schmancy event. (Nor is Mom going to make her.) Love it!

*Be confident. Don't just own your look, own yourself. Be confident. Walk tall. Don't fidget.

*Smile (and mean it). It doesn't matter how well-dressed you are: If you appear miserable-or worse, act pretentious-you look bad. Period. (Note to the woman beside me at BCBG: Being nice is always the better alternative. Seriously.)

*When in doubt, throw on a scarf. Two that stick in my head: 1. Woman in crisp black cropped pants, black flats, black top and leopard scarf-so chic. 2. Woman in striped maxi skirt, simple tank, gladiator sandals and beautiful, luxe fringed scarf-boho done right.

*Try these trends now. Looks I thought worked well on real people: Fur vests (real or faux, so hot for fall). Leather (jackets, vests, skirts, dresses). Sequins (Not sure how to wear them? Try a sequin tank beneath a jacket or sweater). Sheer maxi skirts (only for the fashionably daring, and paired with boy shorts or a tight mini-skirt beneath).

Lastly, on a show front, spring's collections (those are what walked the runways this week) were kind of all over the map. Overall, though, the feel was consistently feminine-flowing materials, light and bright colors, touches of glamour here and there. Obvious trends? Melon (huge!). Creams and neutrals (also big). Sequins (on several gowns, dresses and skirts). Exposed shoulders (lots of cut-out shoulders, several asymmetrical pieces, a couple off-the-shoulder looks). And short shorts (but in a classic, preppy sort of way). I'm excited!--Kristy Eckert