Fashion: Headbands

Brittany Kress, Columbus Alive
Photos by Jodi Miller

Searching for the finishing touch for your Saturday night outfit? Let Alive suggest a few good bands.

Now, there are plenty of headbands that fall into the oversized and over-the-top glitz category. But if you'd rather go for something a bit more understated, we've got that covered, too. Check out the "bold" and "basic" takes on the trends below.

A word to the wise: Feathers (and feather designs) are everywhere. They're all different, so don't worry about everyone wearing the same thing. Go for it!


Bold: Macy's, $10 (sale)

Only serious bow enthusiasts need apply. Love the pop of color on this topper - or if you don't, it also comes with silver stones. Go glam with this one.

Basic: Target, $5

Love the look of ribbon? This petite blue bow sits atop a plastic band with tiny teeth (and comes with a matching band-sans-bow as a set). Wear it sugary-sweet and preppy or with all the irony you've got.


Bold: Anthropologie, $14 (sale)

The high-gloss shine of these all-over beads is sure to make a statement. Let it inform the rest of your outfit - keep jewelry light, with stud earrings and a gold necklace with a small charm.

Basic: Target, $7

Glittery, but muted at the same time - plus, a stretchy section at the back allows it to adjust for easy comfort. This one begs to top a slightly messy braided updo.


Bold: Forever 21, $6

Check out the feathers on this one. It's actually composed of many tiny, dyed feathers atop an oval base, and it would look great with a little-black-dress-type outfit.

Basic: Forever 21, $5

Made for a girl who's not completely ready to commit to feathers. The pretty polka-dot feathers span purple and pink tones, but the simple shape makes it an easy addition to just about any look.