Shopping: Cool clocks

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive

Here are some time-keeping devices for you to purchase in the New Year. May dates with old acquaintances never be forgot.

Areaware LED alarm clock, $100

Grid Furnishings

944 N. High St., Short North

Reorganize these two-inch-tall cubes in any order you like. This design is by artist Jonas Damon for Areaware, which has a warehouse in downtown Columbus that ships the line to all its retailers.

Trax wristwatch, $50


Various locations

We're calling it now: Orange will be the color du jour in 2012. Jump on the trend with this fun orange and navy number.

Melting clock, $20

Urban Outfitters

1782 N. High St., Campus

Oh, so witty.

Cal-Q-Tek 2000 wristwatch, $17

What the Rock?!

1194 N. High St., Short North

Behold, the calculator watch. Gets you to work on time and lets you inconspicuously type out "boobs" at the morning meeting.

Owlet kitchen timers, $7 each

What the Rock?!

1194 N. High St., Short North

Whooo's burning the pie? Not you.