Beauty: Keep hands healthy in wintertime

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

It’s the same thing every year: In comes the cold weather, followed by colds, endless hand-washing and cracked, chapped skin.

This year take care of your hands, and use this advice from Elli Nail Spa owner Aaron Fu to be done with dry skin once and for all.

The basics

Each time you wash your hands: Keep a bottle of lotion next to the sink and apply it afterward. In addition to the dry winter weather, hand-washing can sap moisture from our hands.

At night: Apply a heavier moisturizer that will soak in while you sleep. Fu recommends Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream and Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream as two quality drug-store lotions, in addition to the Qtica line he carries at Elli. If your hands are really dry, put moisturizing gloves on over the lotion to seal in the softness.

Once a week: Exfoliate using a sugar scrub-type treatment, and follow with hand cream.

Winning ingredients

Feel like you’re always forgetting to use lotion? Find a new one with a scent you like and as many of the following ingredients as possible. A bottle of sweet-smelling hand cream might be just the reminder you need.

• Shea butter

• Vitamin E

• Aloe vera

• Honey

• Jojoba seed oil

• Borage seed oil

• Glycerin

Extra-special treatments

A basic manicure at a salon is a soothing boost for winter-ravaged skin. Schedule them regularly and your hands (and nails) will thank you.

But for the most moisturizing, most relaxing treat, splurge on a paraffin wax treatment. Mid-manicure, your hands will be dipped in warm wax (which is infused with oil) and allowed to soak for a few minutes.

Elli Nail Spa’s Love to Indulge Mani includes a paraffin wax treatment as well as a sugar scrub exfoliation, nail shaping, cuticle care, a warm towel wrap — this sounds good, doesn’t it? — followed by an extended hand massage using anti-aging serum and, of course, polish of your choice.

Ready to book an appointment? This lovely little indulgence will set you back just $32.