Objects of Desire: Perfume

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive

Two things I have purchased since earning my own paycheck have made me feel like a grown adult woman: a queen-sized bed and a bottle of perfume.

What attracts me is not perfume's sex appeal, illusionary prestige or beautiful scent (interesting that we call it a scent in reference to perfume and not a smell, a loaded stinker of a word).

Nope, I love perfume because it makes me feel independent. "Don't I smell sophisticated? WellI am, buddy! I bought it myself and I'll buy your drink, too! That's Miss Mantey if you're nasty!"

Self-sufficiency sales campaigns work on me every time.

If the three-salespeople-deep perfume counters at most department stores at Polaris are any indication, Columbus shoppers love the stuff, too, whatever the individual appeal.

Always enlist one of these helpful folks when buying a bottle. They'll pace your olfactory system appropriately. If they rush, tell them to back off. This is your adulthood you're purchasing here. The most popular scent for women, according the sales ladies at Macy's, is still Chanel No. 5. A 2.5 ounce bottle is around $85, but it's got longevity, darling.

And what about cologne? As a female, I was recently directed to buy what I like. That seemed too easy, so I asked my boyfriend what his dream cologne would smell like.

"Cucumbers," is all his text back to me said with three smiley face emoticons.

Yes, maturity. One bottle at a time.

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