Objects of Desire: Winter boots

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive

Uggs are the best onomatopoeia the fashion world has given us in a long time.

(Previous to the boots' popularity, I most appreciated the honesty of the term "G-string." That really is a string you're putting between what your mama gave ya; however, what does the "G" stand for? Gentleman's? G-not comfortable?)

A name like Uggs is just asking to be made fun of, just like Dick or Limp Bizkit. Even better when the thing associated with the name is as awful as the name is mock-worthy. Like Uggs … or Limp Bizkit.

I have friends who swear that Uggs are the most comfortable and warm winter boots, so I'm not sure why I dislike them so. Maybe because the people who love Uggs are so smug about their superiority to other footwear. Maybe because some women think pairing them with sweatpants counts as getting ready in the morning. Maybe because I try not to be associated with anything that remotely resembles a camel's hoof.

Like most things that have to do with survival, paying prettily for a sturdy and warm and non-Uggs pair of winter boots is expected. DSW and T.J. Maxx are my favorites for brand-name boots that are marked down.

And, at the risk of sounding smug and superior, my favorite brand is Sorel (dream pair, shown). Good luck finding a style under $100, but the design on the rubber toes and soles, faux fur insides and waterproof leather is just lovely.

Pair those with some sweatpants and we'll talk.

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