Tattooed together: Mickey Mocnik and Jeff Kleinman

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive

How didthey meet? The two ran into each other frequently at their bands' shows (New Creases and Exwhites, respectively) and at Cafe Bourbon Street. "Mickey was always making eyes at me," Kleinman said.

Tattoo: Logo for the band Wipers, an influential Portland, Oregon, punk band from the '80s

Who did it? Matt Barnett of Evolved

"One of the first times we ever hung out we were sitting on my roof smoking cigarettes and Jeff had brought over a Wipers record ['Is this Real?'] that I didn't have yet," Mocnik said. "We were listening to it and, right then and there, we just kind of clicked."

The couple got their tattoos on their one-year anniversary.

"We didn't want to get something traditional or super lovey-dovey," Kleinman said. "We both like band tattoos, so we got the band we really bonded over."

Music is still the blood that pumps their relationship's heartbeat. When they're not playing together in the band Nervosas, they're probably driving around cuddled up in "Old Blue" listening to tapes.