Beauty: How to make a braids-to-bun hairstyle

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive

"People are getting really creative with wearing braids," said Melissa Yurco, a stylist at The Salon at Bubbles Beauty Polaris.

Want to get in on the action? We asked Yurco to design a couple of looks inspired by the woven wonder. Here's a step-by-step guide of how to craft our favorite style, shown here on Bubbles sales associate Kelsey Stoker.

Step 1: Run a few dabs of pomade through your hair. This helps keep flyaways down and gives you a better grip on the sections about to be braided. Yurco recommended Oribe (find the brand and plenty of others at Bubbles locations, former BeautyFirsts that are now locally owned and operated).

Step 2: Section off a circular portion of the hair on the top of your head, starting about two inches away from the forehead hairline. Tease this section.

Step 3: Pull the teased section of hair back into a half pony tail, using the volume you've just created to make the center poof. Twist the half pony into a bun and bobby pin it to the middle of the back of your head.

Step 4: Make a part in the hair in front. On one side of the part, take three sections and start French braiding downward but only pull from the front section of hair. Continue until you've used all the hair hanging down until about the middle of the nape of the neck. Pin the braid around and under the bun.

Step 5: Repeat the French braid down the other side of the head. Pin the second braid around the bun.

Step 6: Spritz with a bit of hairspray to prevent frizz.

The Salon at Bubbles Beauty

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