Fashion: What's in your bag? with David Hunegnaw

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive

Bag: An old standby of Hunegnaw. The inside lining of the bag is made from 24 recycled plastic bottles.

Sunglasses: By Persol. These glasses are from 1968. Hunegnaw's wife gave them to him as a Christmas gift. They bend and fold at several points, making them easy to store without breaking.

Business cards: By "The shape is memorable. I like that you can order a stack of 100 and each card can have a different image on it." Many of his card's images are of photos from his trips to Harbour Island in the Bahamas.

Lighter: An S.T. Dupont Silver Diamond Head design. "I don't even smoke. I just found this one day and I was like, 'I gotta have this.' No matter where I am, I have to have it with me."

Bumper sticker: The logo for Afro Head Rum, a company from Harbour Island in the Bahamas. Hunegnaw takes a vacation to the island with his wife the same week of every year.

Keychain: A VIP keychain for local food truck The Cheesy Truck, where Hunegnaw is a regular

Pen: From On Paper in the Short North. "Another gift from my wife."

Lip balm: By skin care line Anthony for Men

Notebook: By Moleskine. "I have an iPad and iPhone, but there's something to be said for whipping out a pen and paper. I write down ideas in it - random thoughts, notes from meetings."

Mac: Ordered the Apple and crossbones decal online

David Hunegnaw

Age: 44

Hometowns: Brooklyn and Dayton

Neighborhood: Italian Village

Job: Co-founder of small business social network; partner at Founders Factory; partner at Wonderland Columbus

Describe your style: "Ask my wife"