Shopping: Mad Men as muse

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive

As "Mad Men" fans gear up for the fifth-season premiere this Sunday, buzz about the show's style influence is back.

Instead of a story of how to dress dapper like Don Draper or coquettish like Joan Harris, we decided to write about how to stylishly counteract the wastefulness of that era. Remember that scene when the Drapers are on a picnic and Betty just shakes all the trash off their blanket onto the grass before they leave? Al Gore does.

Here are some ways to make retro style new again. All of these items are from Flower Child.

The items: Lighters and pillboxes

Reuse them as: Accessories. Because no one smokes like they used to, lighters abound. People probably pop pills like they used to, but that hasn't stopped dainty pillboxes from landing all over antique stores, too. String them on chains as pendant necklaces. If you'd rather buy a necklace than make one, check out Bungalow in New Albany. Tish Miller, the home-decor store's jewelry curator, has stocked the newest location with fantastic handmade, vintage lighter necklaces.

The item: Mugs

Reuse them as: Vases or bathroom cups. Quirky dishware marked with cartoons, advertisements and iconography of decades past make for cool decor conversation pieces.

The item: Clip-on earrings

Reuse them as: Magnets. Even the most gaud-awful clip-on earrings look awesome on refrigerators. Remove the clip, slap some magnets on the back with super glue, and voila.

The item: Purses

Reuse them as: Themselves. What would Betty Draper do? She'd tell you that repurposing things is silly when they're as pretty as some of these purses. (Also, stop sleeping with her husband!) Old cigarette cases make compact, sleek wallets, as well.