New Kind of Catering

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Photo courtesy Karen Evans Photography

Another food truck has rolled onto the Columbus mobile dining scene with hopes to not just wow customers at the curb, but also guests at your wedding. It's called Sweet Carrot, a casual comfort food truck run by popular wedding caterer Two Caterers. The truck is part of a new, more casual and less expensive division of the green caterer called Sweet Carrot Casual Cuisine. "We wanted to create something for people who want to have great food, but don't really see themselves to be in the catering set," says Two Caterers CEO Angela Stoll-Petro, who's been working on the concept since January. The new line is great for casual weddings, as a late-night treat for guests, rehearsal dinners and any other kind of party you may be throwing-it may not be a crazy formal affair, but you still want good, yet approachable food. That's where they come in, Stoll-Petro says. Their food arsenal will offer smoked meats, brisket, pulled pork and mac-and-cheese, but also lighter items such as homemade pastas, grilled veggies and marinated chicken.

Last week, I had the tasty pleasure of sampling a barbecue sundae from the truck, loaded with layers of sweet cornbread, pulled pork, baked beans and topped with slaw. Definitely a hit! If you want to grab your own taste, look for them at festivals this summer, starting with the Columbus Arts Fest in June. To follow Sweet Carrot or book them for your wedding, visit –Beth Stallings