Classy Comfort

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Photo by Will Shilling

Fabulous and comfortable aren't always synonymous with a great pair of heels. But it should be-especially on your wedding day when you need to look and feel good, right? Well, on the set of our Capital Style Bride photo shoot last week, La Juene Mariee owner Lindsay Fork introduced us to a line of shoes that may have the solution. It's a stylish, sassy and sometimes vintage line out of California called Hey Lady. Inside each heel is technology similar to that found in running and basketball shoes, designed to give support and absorb shock, meaning every step down the aisle or on the dance floor can be cool and confident. Plus, they come in lots of colors and styles with fun names, such as Heel, Boy; Daddy's Girl; and Champagne Goggles-so they are as fun to say as to wear. Fork calls her pair of Hey Lady heels her "Saturday shoes"-aka the heels she can wear on her bridal shop's busiest day and still feel comfortable. Consider giving them a whirl on your big day, too. You can find them at La Juene Mariee in Worthington or for more, visit

Also, on an unrelated sweet note,The Suisse Shop Bakery will be hosting its annual Cakes by the Slice Week next week. It's the perfect solution for all the times you wanted to sample that great-sounding cake, but didn't want to order the whole thing. It's also a great way to sample some potential wedding cake combos, too-order a handful of slices, then take them home for a group taste test. There will be roughly 25 flavors of European tortes and cheesecakes to sample from May 1 through May 5 for $3.50 a slice.

–Beth Stallings