In living color

Heather Weekley

Our fashion spread inspiration? The season's hottest trend-color. To showcase the looks we love, we bought a slew of bright paper rolls, added some hot pink nail polish and pumped a little Katy Perry. The result: a fun, vibrant shoot-and a result we hope delights.

Makeup artist Melody Mathews is anticipating bronze, gold and orange tones as makeup's top seasonal trends. "Try bronze on the eye," she suggested. "It gives them a softer smoky look."

Model Katie Osborne, 24, is a freelance broadcaster and host living in New York City. "I'm obsessed with having my nails painted," Katie said. "In the city, people notice your nails. I love fun colors."

It's easy to transition a wardrobe as spring turns into summer, said Elizabeth Bean Smith, owner of Wardrobe Therapy. "Use shoes and fresh accessories to make something different," she recommended. "Or take a basic black pant and pair it with a bold color."

Hair stylist Gary Motto couldn't decide which look he liked better: the nude pleated dress or the green denim outfit.