The Perfect Fit

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Photo courtesy Lauryn Brydy Photography

It's a question every bride may ask herself: Which came first-the bra or the gown? The answer is not so black and white, says Heather Wornoff, owner of quaint bra boutique Curv Appeal in Worthington, located in the Bendora Wedding Gallery. "Have a bra in mind when you get the dress," she says, "but get the dress first. Then we'll find you a bra that fits it." For example, you probably won't be able to wear a bra with that backless dress you're lusting over. Or a heavy, structured gown may want to slip down. "There's nothing worse than seeing the poor bride lift her dress up all night," says Wornoff, a pro at fixing these pesky problems (a boustierre with boning will act like a shelf in that structured gown and keep everything in place).

But Wornoff doesn't stop with brides-she's also eager to help bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and groom find the perfect undergarments (which, yes, include shapewear for great lines). Sure, you can schedule an individual appointment, but where's the fun in that? Add flair to your fitting and host a bridal fitting party at Curv Appeal. There's no charge for booking and guests can bring their own snacks or wine (this is a party, after all). Each gal gets a private fitting and brides (or whoever hosts) get 50 percent off their purchase. Fitting for each guest takes about 30 minutes, so she recommends keeping the party to about six or seven to keep the time to three or four hours.

Brides, you'll need: A picture of your gown, preferably shots of yourself trying it on (front and back views). Bridesmaids: A picture or your gown itself if you've got it.

Wornoff will also chat lingerie if you're in the market, and will share tips on bra care and how to properly put it on. An afternoon with Wornoff will no doubt change your whole outlook on undergarments. For more on booking your bridal party or girl's night, visit Curv Appeal. –Beth Stallings