Food Fest

Shelley Mann, Capital Style

The inaugural Columbus Food Truck and Cart Fest, a congregation of the city's best street food vendors on Columbus Commons last summer, was massively successful. So successful, in fact, that long lines left a bad taste in many mouths. This time, organizers are prepared with additional trucks (more than 50 will be serving food), extended hours and a more user-friendly layout. Columbus' rapidly growing street-food scene is among the most diverse in the Midwest, and this fest is an ideal way to dive in. "Typically, you might spot one truck on a corner while you're driving by," said Timothy Wolf Starr, director of the Small Business Beanstalk and festival co-organizer. "This festival brings everyone together." Watch for established favorites like gourmet grilled cheese peddlers The Cheesy Truck, as well as newcomers like the amazing Korean street food wielding Ajumama.

The festival, which will include dishes like this one from Ajumama, is at Columbus Commons on July 13 from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. For more, visit