Let's Hear it for the Girls

Kristy Eckert

Bra shopping is, for me, misery. Until now. Curv Appeal, a tiny bra boutique tucked in Worthington's charming downtown and open by appointment only, is delighting women of all shapes and sizes around Central Ohio. Owner Heather Wornoff, 35, was living in Connecticut working as a brand manager for Energizer when a good bra fitting changed her life. Three years and a lot of research later, the Ohio State alum has returned to Columbus and opened her shop, which boasts more than 80 sizes for $55 to $125. When I walked in, Wornoff-who has been trained by lingerie manufacturers-put me at ease, explained common mistakes (bands that are too loose, cup sizes that are all wrong) and helped me slide on bra after bra until we found the perfect fit. And perfect it is. Smaller-chested women, Wornoff says, can find shape. Larger-chested women can find separation and slimming. "Ill-fitting bras-they span ages, they span sizes," she says. "Every single woman who comes in and is fitted, they all say their clothing fits so much better." Agreed.

Curv Appeal is at 694 N. High St. in Worthington and online at Appointments can be made by calling 614-557-9956.