Hair Care

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

We all have something we don't love about our hair-maybe it's too straight or too curly. But for me, it's my natural soft wavy hair that, when left to its own devices, looks like I was playing too much with one of those static electricity bulbs. So I was intrigued when Aquage sent us two products to try: Sea Salt Texturizing Spray (infused with magnesium-rich Dead Sea salts, which are supposed to create random texture for a just-left-the-beach look) and Beyond Shine (which is designed to smooth out hair and give it shine, specifically when using a ceramic iron). Here's what I thought of these two products available only at salons. Typically I use mousse to boost the curl in my hair, but that can often leave my waves stiff. So, the Sea Salt spray, I loved. It gave me loose, flowing waves, and a little extra volume when I used a diffuser, as opposed to just letting it air dry. I recommend spraying it liberally and combing it all the way through for the best result. The Beyond Shine and I had a love-hate relationship on our first encounter. Spray it too close to your hair, or too heavily on one section, and hair may come off looking more greasy than shiny after using a ceramic flat iron or curler. Hold the recommended 10-inches away, and the result is much better-a sleek look with fewer pesky flyaways. To find local retailers with the Sea Salt Texturizing Spray and Beyond Shine (both $17), visit Aquage's website here. –Beth Stallings