Shopping: Festiville

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive

To celebrate Clintonville's strong creative class, the neighborhood north of campus is hosting a free new arts festival this Saturday called Festiville.

Among the day's attractions are live bands, art exhibits and local food. Festiville especially highlights Clintonville's deep bench of local shops and crafters.Here are three local lines we think might be new to you and are worth checking out at Festiville.

Yes, that sure is a Frida Kahlo bookmark. It's only $1.

Tulane Road Pottery

Price range: $15-$150

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Meghan Howard took her first pottery class in graduate school at Penn State University, where she was studying architectural engineering. Clay's resilience offered a mental respite from school's demanding workload and deadlines.

"If you didn't like it, you could just start over," she said.

After graduating, she and her husband, also an engineer, moved to Columbus for jobs, but Howard kept taking ceramics classes. Turns out she liked pottery "a whole lot better than engineering," Howard said, laughing.

Today she works full time from her home on Tulane Road in Clintonville (hence her pottery line's name). Her aesthetic espouses traditional form and nontraditional details.

"I love making things that people are going to use," Howard said.

Her mugs, lamps, jewelry holders and serving ware often feature unique intricate designs that Howard handcrafts from materials such as horse hair, Japanese patterns and pictures she's taken.

Jonathan Juravich

Price range: $1-$10

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"One of my main goals in life is to make people smile," said Jonathan Juravich, an elementary school art teacher and husband of his high school sweetheart Amy Juravich, whom WOSU fans know as their NPR news midday host.

Jonathan illustrates characters and puts them on notecards, bookmarks, mini clips, gift tags, magnets and buttons. The nearly 620 kids he teaches on a weekly basis keep his imagination inspired to create outside of work, he said.

"To me it has always been about sharing who I am with others," he said. "I mean, who doesn't want a lumberjack bookmark? Right?"

Megalo Designs

Price range: $10-$30

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Marketing manager by day, jewelry designer by night and weekend, Meghan Stout's favorite materials include vintage brooches, hardware (think washers and nuts on bracelets), beer bottle caps, crystal spikes and her ultimate muse, pearls.

"I love to make bold, unique and eye-catching statement jewelry that is sure to receive compliments," Stout said. "I rarely make the same thing twice. I feel that jewelry should make a fashion statement, so I use bright colored materials in bold combinations."

At Festiville, shoppers will find Stout's trendy baubles and accessories, including nautical anchor charms and fabric-covered buttons.


Whetstone Recreation Center

10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 8

3923 N. High St., Clintonville