Now hair this: Ask the experts

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive

Any recommendations for controlling my frizz this fall?

A great, easy remedy to keep frizz at bay is to use a non-lather shampoo – not [just one that is] sodium lauryl sulfate free. This will give a more gradual cleanse and will keep frizz down and your curls nice and hydrated. …Protein, moisture, and natural oils are also great for curly hair; either one or all three. -Amy Bush, founder and stylist at curl-conscious Ambushed Salon in the Short North

Any new products you're loving or tried-and-true tricks you'd like to pass on regardingcurly hair?

Make sure you are visiting a stylist who understands your curly hair needs and can give you the best product recommendations for curly hair. Ask if it's best for your hair to air dry or diffuse. One of our favorite new products is FAR Botanicals' alcohol-free Cojoba gel. We can barely keep it on the shelves!This light and creamy styling gel also doubles as a moisturizing curl definer. Cojoba is packed with natural ingredients and has excellent hold without making your hair sticky, greasy or flaky. -Amy Bush

How can I trust that the products I use are environmentally or ethically safe?

If a product does not state that it is free of things like parabens, sulfates and animal testing, it may be safe to say that the company's ethics are not where we need them to be. Shopping for your products at a place that supports these ethics can be helpful because it is likely they have done the research for you and have people who have been trained on this information, such as at a natural foods store or a more holistic salon or spa. These places can be a great resource for finding the truth about questionable ingredients. -Melanie Guzzo, a stylist at Virtue, a vegan salon in Clintonville

How can dudes prevent razor burn if they regularly shave their faces at home?

The skin and hair on the face need to be prepped before the shave; this is very important. Use a hot towel on the face for 30 seconds. Then, apply lather with a traditional mug and brush and massage into your face. Apply a hot towel again for 30 seconds then reapply lather. These things will prep the skin and soften the hair appropriately and will give best conditions for a shave. Shave with a blade that is changed out often - dull blades cause the worst ingrown hairs because of tearing. Always use aftershave because it prevents irritation. -Mitch Geiser, barber at Vice Barber in Clintonville