Now hair this: Introduction

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive

Ask someone, anyone, about his or her hair and you're bound to get an earful. Our hair can define us - for better or worse.

Take, for example, Meg Harpe, a stylist at Rendezvous Hair Salon in Clintonville. Her natural locks are very red and very curly.

"I always got compared to Ariel [from 'The Little Mermaid']," Harpe said. "That's not me. She's a fairytale girl. I just want to walk around with my finger in the air."

Enter: her current and beloved burgundy-tinted mohawk.

Whether you, too, have taken your hair's destiny into your own - or, preferably, a highly skilled professional's - hands or you're still shaking what your mama gave ya, this guide to hair in Columbus has something for you. Read on to find out who's hot, what's not and where to get locks to love.