Versace challenges men to lacy lingerie

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

MILAN (AP) — Versace's menswear collection for next winter is nothing if not eclectic.

Macho rocker, nostalgic creative, pampered metrosexual, life-of-the-party: there was something for every Versace aficionado in the collection presented Saturday night during Milan Fashion Week.

It's as if designer Donatella Versace looked into the archives and decided she loved it all: Golden accents, studs, Baroque touches, wild prints and hand-painted details.

There were hand-painted denim ensembles, black-and-tan leather pants and jackets with sculpted shoulders and plaid suits. The iconic Baroque Versace motif made appearances as appliques sewn onto wool coats or in the familiar gold-and-black print in a quilted coat.

Versace also tossed in classic looks, which are dominating Milan runways this season, presenting a double-breasted suit. Hers was loose-fitting, plaid and worn with two-tone shoes.

Versace has also thrown down the gauntlet to men, challenging them to wear lacy lingerie. It's a reasonable question: Why should such indulgences be just for women? Versace designed transparent lace shorts or briefs, with matching tops, in staples black or white. Models wore then under luxurious fur coats and with mid-calf lace-up boots — but the possible combinations are limited only by imagination.

Pants this season are roomier than the skinny styles Versace often prefers. But the workouts aren't wasted. A muscle sweater might tuck into baggy pants, and pair with a hooded quilted jacket, left open. Pants are often rolled up. And it wouldn't be Versace without leather and studs — which also make an appearance.

Versace takes a retro turn with ties, and presents versions substantially shorter and wider than current styles.

The standout color this season was a soothing baby blue, for the man who wants to return to that safe place to feel just a little cuddled.