DSquared2 offers military motifs and fancy suits

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

MILAN (AP) — Every season the Canadian designing twins, Dean and Dan Caten, creators of the DSquared2 label, present their wears in a different runway setting. For next winter, the show theme is a 1940s jazz club complete with pretty girls and a trumpet blowing, white tuxedoed band.

The DSquared2 guy has just come home from the front and is looking for a good time. At first, he still sports his army private hat, crumpled military jacket, trim trousers and sturdy combat boots with thick crushed socks.

But he soon gets the swing of things and comes out on the dance floor in an impeccable sartorial double-breasted wide-lapeled suit, accessorized by an exaggerated bowler hat and slick footwear. He now wears his pants low-slung, and his shirt tails stick out from under his fancy cashmere crew-neck sweater.

No matter what the current theme, you can't spell DSquared2 without jeans. This round they come loose and worn out, but also carefully pressed to match the classic camel hair coats, and luxurious Astrakhan furs featured in the show.

The contemporary secret of the look is techno fabric, which allows an outfit to be ultra-light while maintaining its formal structure. The latest DSquared2 "Napoletano" jacket appears super tailored, but is in fact unlined, giving it the feel of a cardigan.

Colors for the new winter collection presented Tuesday, are mainly monochromatic: black, white, gold, red and green --military and not. Favorite accessories include waistcoats, suspenders, pocket watch chains and a tuxedo bib.