Capital Style Web Scavenger Hunt

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

1.When hosting an at-home soiree, how many bottles of wine should you account for per person?

2. What is our can't-miss snack at Tip Top Kitchen & Cocktails, located Downtown Columbus?

3.2012 Columbus College of Art & Design graduate Rachel Cass worked as a merchandise designer for what store/company before going to design school?

4. MAX the Salon esthetician and makeup artist Jade Piatt loves what two hair products?

5. Stev Guyer and Rebecca Gentile founded Shadowbox Live in what year?

6. Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams has committed to donating how much money per year for the next 10 years to the Columbus Foundation?

7. At the 2013 Golden Globes, which celebrity stunned in a seafoam, halter-style gown?

8. Jeannie and Bill Zox's Bexley home features a painting in the living room from which local artist?

9. January Makeover candidate Beve Six promotes which local foundation in honor of her late daughter?

10. Designer Rebecca Minkoff was inspired by which documentary for her holiday 2012 collection?